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Bay Area Lawn & Tree Care/Weed Control

Lawn Care Services

At California Exterminating Service, we understand that when it comes to your lawn, your goals are simple. You want a thick, green, healthy and weed-free lawn. We will provide you with a level of service that is backed by over 50 years of experience. Your experience will be enhanced by our ongoing training that keeps our technicians on the leading edge of the pest control industry.

We offer a full array of lawn pest, plant disease, weed control and specialized fertilization services to meet your lawn and gardens specific needs.

Our Services Offered

  • Seasonal fertilization and weed control based on your lawn and ornamental needs.
  • Dedicated equipment to prevent cross-contamination that leads to unhealthy lawn and shrubs.
  • Trained lawn professionals that are up-to-date on the latest methods and treatments in the industry.
  • Guaranteed results for a visibly greener lawn you can enjoy!

Tree & Shrub Care

At California Exterminating Service, we will ensure your plants and trees will receive proper care, such as protection from insects and necessary fertilization. We will deal with the following problems:

  • Slow growth
  • Yellow or pale green leaves
  • Early loss of leaves
  • Improper nutrition

We will keep your plants healthy. Expect that your living landscape investments are protected from infestation and disease.

Weed Control  

Don’t spend your time pulling out weeds, only to watch those weeds return and grow all over again. Your time is too precious to waste on such tasks.

With our team from California Exterminating Service, we will inspect your grounds thoroughly. After that, we’ll will design a customized weed control program that will protect your valuable lawn, reduce insect and rodent harborages as well as landscape plants from invasion, minimize fire hazards and enhance the appearance of your property.

Whatever weed problems you may have, whether it’s just a few dandelions on your lawn and clovers in your flower beds, or blackberry bushes and yellow star thistle taking over your pasture and fence line, we have the tools to get rid of or have those weeds under control. We also offer firebreak protection too.